Smart accellerates rollout of LTE base stations

The wireless arm of telco giant PLDT Inc. has increased the number of its LTE base stations to 28,200 as of end-August.

This marks a 15% increase from last year as Smart Communications stepped up its expansion program to improve its services nationwide.

Base stations are electronic equipment installed on cell sites that transmit and receive radio frequencies. They connect customers’ mobile devices, such as phones and wifi routers like Smart Bro LTE pocket Wifi and the PLDT Home Wifi, to the network.

The base stations in a cell site are connected via fiber to the network core, which processes calls, messages and data transactions.

PLDT-Smart SVP for Network Planning and Engineering Mario G Tamayo emphasized the importance of having a fiber backbone to connect the network.

“From the base station all the way to the core, the connection is mostly fiber. Faster transmission of data is best enabled by fiberizing the base stations, so our customers can have a better experience when streaming videos, for example,” he said.

“We are able to optimize our network configuration by applying a basic foundation of 700Mhz in all our sites to maximize coverage while adding base stations per site for capacity as necessary. As a result, we have managed to build an efficient network despite a relatively lower number of cell sites while covering 95% of the population in the Philippines,” he added.

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