Young with a heart: Chelsea Uy carves path for true social change

Dennis and Che Uy have done a great job in raising their daughter Chelsea.

Dennis and Che Uy have done a great job in raising their daughter Chelsea.

Chelsea, who’s now 17 years old, founded a nonprofit organization called Lacuna with her friend Isabela “Seve” Reyes when they were only 15. At that time, they borrowed money from their parents to put up the organization until they were already able to pay it back in full.

In their words, Lacuna aims “to close the gap of social inequity in the Philippines, while tackling the most prevalent issues of today’s society.” They wanted their first project to tackle sustainable fashion while raising funds for underprivileged students.

The two lovely girls partnered with CustomMade Crafts Center and Cartwheel Foundation to produce clean, sustainable and local hoodies. Proceeds from the sale will provide scholarships to indigenous children in Palawan, Zamboanga and students in Parañaque.

In this way, they supported Filipino weavers from buying the latter’s fabric and at the same time, gave students an access to education.

Now, Lacuna has joined forces with the Non-Timber Forest Products Exchange Programme (NTFP-EP) to mount Katutubo Kontra COVID-19, a crowdfunding project to raise money for relief packs to be sent to indigenous communities across the Philippines.

They have so far helped 141 families in Daraitan, 70 families in Gen. Nakar, fabric and basket weavers of Mangyan-Hanunuo community in Oriental Mindoro, and T’boli weavers in South Cotabato.

The job is not yet finished for the two as they are just starting and hoping to inspire others to do the same.

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