Gus Go receives big love from daughter Candice on his birthday

Doting daughter Candice Gotianuy posted a heartwarming tribute for her father, Atty. August Go who turned 85 years old.

“His light shines so bright to me that not even the sun can surpass it,” Candice wrote in her caption.

She shared a throwback photo of the founding president of the University Of Cebu receiving accolades from grateful and loving students of the University of Cebu. She posted another photo of her dad receiving his See’s candies cake and a lookalike figurine.

“Everyone knows him for his gregarious nature, his big heart and his keen business acumen. I know him for his wit. Our text messages are filled with it!

I know him as the dad who forgot me at the office and asked, when he got home, “where’s the baby?” But he was forgiven when he had to clean me up at the old HK Ocean Park because a llama spat on me. (I was 10. I read that if you annoy a llama, it will spit at you. So of course I annoyed it).

I know him as the man who once pulled me out of a meeting, sat me across his desk, took up pen and paper then asked, “Who are our options?” It took me a minute to realize he was making a list of marriage prospects!! 😂

He’s also the dad who’s held me as I wept, who carves out time just to catch up and who always, always is happy to stop a meeting whenever I happen to call (except when it’s a riding accident then it’s not so happy).

At 85, he still has a sense of wonder. He’s curious and he’s constantly learning.

So here’s to the man who’s launched thousands of dreams! And to the dad I love ❤️” @candice_gotianuy said.

Happy birthday, Atty. Gus!

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