Chit Juan calls out vegan purists for shaming newbies

The owner of Figaro and EchoStore took to Twitter Monday to express her disappointment at long-time vegans shaming people who just recently switched to a healthy plant-based diet.

“How do we encourage doing Meatless Mondays? By not shaming those who are in transition. If we just hold our comments people will transition to a society with less industrial meats In their diets. #eatpasturedmeat if you need to,” @chitjuan tweeted.

“We’re helping launch a meat alternative for a better World. But some purists think its “riding the bandwagon.” Ano ba? You want to be the only plant-based people? This comment came from the mentality of a vegetarian. Hello! How do you get more people to convert kung banyan ka!,” she said.

Born to a family of entrepreneurs, Juan has made her mark in the Philippine coffee industry.

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