SMC uses plastic waste as alternative fuel in its cement facilities

San Miguel Corp. (SMC) is buying more waste plastic materials to power its cement plants for a cleaner and plastic-free country.

SMC affiliate Northern Cement Corp. is capable of consuming up to 1.5 million tons of plastic waste per year. It is targeting to reduce use of traditional fuel by up to 50% and substitute with plastic wastes.

“Technology to safely convert plastic waste to energy has existed for a long time, in fact, Northern Cement has been using this on a smaller scale. Other major manufacturers, both locally and globally, have also been using this. It’s a more environment-friendly and sustainable alternative to using traditional fuels,” SMC president and COO Ramon S. Ang said.

With the completion of its materials handling facility in Pangasinan, Northern Cement can safely collect and store plastic waste at scale and safely convert waste into energy to reduce landfill waste, reduce dependence on fossil fuels and lower greenhouse gas emissions.

“We are calling on assemblers, local governments, and companies, to collect and sell your plastic wastes to us. Together, we can help our environment in a substantial way, and at the same time, create more livelihood opportunities for so many Filipinos during this time of pandemic,” Ang said.

Apart from providing jobs, the cement produced will also go to the construction industry, which itself generates a significant amount of jobs, and also drives infrastructure development and economic growth.

“Instead of just hoping for a better tomorrow, we continue to look for actual solutions where we can get the best outcome for the greatest number of people,” Ang said.

While Northern Cement’s technology can allow for all types of plastics to be processed and converted to energy, Ang said they are especially targeting plastic bottles, which make up a significant amount of total plastic waste in the world.

In 2017, SMC discontinued its Purewater plastic bottled water business as part of its sustainability efforts.

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