Security Bank services inaccessible on Oct. 26-27

Dy family-led Security Bank said most of its services woild be termporarily unavailable on Oct.26 to.27 due a scheduled system maintenance.

Security Bank advised its clients that it would upgrade to a new debit card management system.

This will require temporarily shutting access to debit and cash cards, ATMs, cash acceptance machines, online and mobile banking, salary advance, and even money transfer portals InstaPay and PESONet.

“We encourage you to perform any urgent transactions ahead of time to avoid inconvenience,” it said..[0]=AZXPwfb-XrgepJUs_n-c2pP-JQWHpiy3KkvnX7UxFzy8w5B2lh72Dw1cs5nD41XXSoXV15TYbfZa6-kPsGs0Ux0Vr-5hWWNssfLbLoBnQP_TzC2tVorRWVG_iRIxuRlInaBYLh36AzM1eAqMUlwmjp-enetQIkE5_2uBBKmFFCqs5W3UXktj8eodtP26Szvc83k&__tn__=%2CO%2CP-R

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