Maggie Wilson-Consunji helps the North rise up from the aftermath of Typhoon Ulysses

Maggie Wilson-Consunji never just rests on her ivory tower.

She feels deeply for all those suffering in the world including the many victims of Typhoon Ulysses.

She quickly got in touch with one of her closest friends to ask about the situation in Isabela. It’s bad and according to Maggie, some cities were wiped off the map because of Magat Dam’s unexpected release of water.

“Houses are under water. People have died because of the floods, lack of food, water and rescue. I’ve been told that they haven’t received much help and relief from Manila and other cities because how difficult it is to get to them,” Maggie said in her caption.

Of course, with her huge social media platform and other resources, Maggie wanted to extend help by raising awareness and encouraging people to also help in whatever way they could.

One of these is to donate to the right people. “This donation drive is private and is run by one of my closest friends who is on the ground in Isabela.”

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