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Arthur Ty, Jonathan Gotianun pick up a few stocks in their respective banks

Two bilyonaryo bank chairmen have done some bargain hunting of their stocks.

Metrobank chairman Arthur Ty snapped up P5.187 million worth of his bank’s stocks on November 6 and 9.

Ty bought a total of 123,800 Metrobank shares at a price range of P40.90 to P41.95.

Ty has a total of 15.235 million shares or .34 percent of Metrobank as of October 2020.

East West Bank chairman Jonathan Gotianun also bought his bank’s shares, albeit at a modest amount.

Gotianun purchased 32,500 shares of EastWest for P10.38 each on November 13. Gotianun has 16.787 million shares or .75 percent of East West as of October 2020.

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