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Irradiation Solutions: Walter Brown’s new startup will disinfect face masks, medical, cosmetic products

Bilyonaryo Walter Brown is taking on a new venture.

The 75-year old miner and wildcatter’s A Brown Company is forming a new subsidiary, Irradiation Solutions Inc. (ISI), geared towards helping contain the pandemic.

The A Brown board approved the formation of ISI with the company investment taking up all of its 25 million shares.

ISI will focus on providing irradiation services for all types of goods, by exposing such goods, food products and non-food products, to ionizing radiation such as gamma rays, x-rays, or accelerated electrons from electron beam machines.

Irradiation is primarily used for food products such as deactivating food pathogens, eliminating pests, stopping tubers and bulb crops from sprouting, and improving food properties.

But A Brown will also deploy ISI for sterilization of pharmaceutical products, cosmetic products, and medical equipment and medical-related products including sutures, gloves, gown, face masks, dressings, syringes and surgical staplers.

Aside from mining and oil exploration. Brown is also in real estate development and palm oil plantation.

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