Kevin Tan expresses gratitude to Mary Grace owners

The Alliance Global Group Inc.’s CEO was effervescent in praising the Dimacali family.

Kevin Tan showed full support for the Dimacali family during the opening of the 41st Mary GraceGrace cafe.

Located at the Newport mall, the newnew branch is itsits largest in the country.

“I am beyond grateful to the entire Dimacali Family for the support and optimism in continuing with this ambitious project, despite the uncertainties of today’s situation. This opening is important not only because it reinforces the hard work of the men and women at Mary Grace that have put their blood, sweat and tears into this institutional brand, but it also greatly motivates our very own people managing this property to continue to strive to serve our retail partners and customers. Furthermore this opening is a testament and an inspiration for the entire retail and F&B industry. It truly gives hope that there is a bright tomorrow that awaits all of us, and that we should continue to persevere and remain steadfast in our resolve to recover from this crisis.

Meanwhile, as expected, the cafe is actually doing very well. So come on over a enjoy a safe dining experience at Resoosssrtwooorllldd Maanniilllaahhh… 😂” @kevintan_ said.

Thank you, #CoolBoss Kevin!

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