Rolls-Royce lights up black badge family with ‘Neon Nights’ paint trilogy

Rolls-Royce Motor Cars announced limited ‘Neon Nights’ to light up their black badge variants.

The Neon Nights Trilogy variants inspired by nature will be of Dawn, Wraith and Cullinan Black Badge.

The Wraith Black Badge is in Lime Rock Green, a near-luminous hue naturally bestowed on the Australian green tree frog, while the interior is swathed in Scivaro Grey leather, with Lime Rock Green accents stitching and piping.

The Dawn Black Badge is in striking Eagle Rock Red and it’s interior is finished in Selby Grey leather with Koi Red stitching and piping details.

While the Cullinan, is in Mirabeau Blue finish with Arctic White leather interior detailed in Lime Rock Green to provide dramatic contrast.

Rolls Royce said that three further iterations of each colour are available for commission worldwide, making a limited run of just four of each colour.

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