Creepy but cool! RC Cola’s bizarre ad sends social media abuzz

RC Cola became the most talked about softdrinks brand overnight thanks to a commercial that has divided netizens.

RC Cola became the most talked about softdrinks brand overnight thanks to a commercial that has divided netizens.

The softdrinks company’s one minute, 30-second ad featured a boy arriving home in tears. The child told his mother he’s being bullied at school because he was adopted.

The boy’s mother was speechless as the boy demanded answers. He then started to take off his clothes to reveal four glasses on his back.

“Ma, ipaliwanag mo bakit may apat na baso ko sa likod!” the boy said.

His mother replied that she and the boy’s father have been hiding something from him for a long time.

“Pero sa palagay ko panahon nang malaman mo,” the mother said, before taking off the scarf over her neck.

And like a lid, the mother lifted her head from her neck to reveal an RC Cola bottle inside. She bent over— sans a head— to pour the soda on the glasses on her son’s back.

The ad has divided netizens, with some praising its brilliance.

PLDT vice president and deputy head for public affairs Carlo Ople said: “Re the RC cola ad. In my simple mind the ad did it’s job. No one was talking about RC Cola. Their social presence dismal at best. Now all they’re the talk of the town. Kailangan lng strong follow up next few months. Galing @Moonstar88 ! [three clapping hands emojis]”

Muntinlupa Rep. Ruffy Biazon was just as impressed. “Kung sino ka man na gumawa ng RC Cola commercial na yan…gusto ko malaman mo…na disturb ako! Pero galing! Walang makakalimot nyan! Epic!” he tweeted.

“yall have to admit the fact that RC Cola’s goal was to truly shock the social media with weirdness and that is something out of the norms of advertisements. It’s always been like cheesy love and sad stories, and they went really out there, kudos to the team who thought of this!” tweeted netizen @bobtheb1232.

Twitter user @alzirgeorges said: “No, that RC Cola ad is not just weird, it’s actually brilliant. Everyone’s talking about it right now, and that’s how ads should work.”

Some, like Supreme Court Associate Justice Marvic Leonen, were simply weirded out by the ad.

“ok ka lang RC Cola? Concerned citizens,” he tweeted.

Netizen @TheFrancisSeva said: “The new RC Cola commercial is like that weird Asian horror movie you watched as a kid and traumatize you so badly.”

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