Gokongweis launch rubbing alcohol brands BioSure, Shield+

Two new rubbing alcohol brands have entered the Philippine market marking the diversification of regional food and drink powerhouse Universal Robina Corp. into this multi-billion peso industry.

Though its agro-industrial and commodities division, URC rolled out Shield+ and BioSure to help stop the spread of the virus and offer protection to consumers.

“The pandemic has led to high demand form he pandemic has led to high demand for hygiene and sanitation products, including rubbing alcohol. That demand will likely remain even after the pandemic subsides,” URC said in a statement.

Last year, the alcohol segment was valued at P4.1 billion. For the first quarter this year, sales soared 76% to P1.8 billion.

URC started distributing BioSure to its growing community stores (Kabalikat Village Hubs) and institutions early November.

It is directly involved in the manufacturing process of both brands from sourcing of raw materials from its sugar mills, to distilling, to bottling of the finished products.

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