Regina Belmonte pens touching birthday message for dad Miguel

In a rare affectionate moment, our fave chic millennial described Philippine Star president Miguel Belmonte’s most impressive attribute.

Regina Belmonte admits that she may not be saccharine-sweet or verbally expressive than most, but she bravely showed her love for dad Miguel on Ig on his special day.

In a lengthy post, she extolled her father’s admirable trait.

“It may be his birthday today but we’re the ones who are lucky to have him in our lives.

People fortunate enough to know him extol his generosity (because he is a very generous man, not just to us), but what he really is above all things is kind. And that kindness makes itself known in so many ways — in the effort he makes to understand us even when we are being impossible, in his incredible patience, in the sound advice he gives when asked, in the gentle way he treats those he loves.,” @vivatregina wrote.

With your strong empathy for your fellow kababayans, his kindness is also found in you, Regina!

Happy birthday, sir Miguel!

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