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Customer-centric na daw, promise! PLDT shifts focus from No. 1 telco to ‘dynamic multi-media’ unit

Don’t look now but one of the biggest targets of public complaints has amended its charter to make the customer its number one priority instead of just being merely the dominant telco in the country.

PLDT Inc., jointly controlled by the Salim-Metro Pacific group and the Gokongwei family, revealed that the Securities and Exchange Commission has approved its amendment to its articles of incorporation.

The amendment would expand PLDT’s fixed line and wireless services to include wireless fidelity enablement, mobile virtual network operations and transmission of audio, video and inv=formation services.

PLDT said the changes would “reflect the current focus of the Company’s business, which is the provision of telecommunications services through trending and constantly evolving technologies and innovative products and services.”

PLDT said the change would also give it “sufficient flexibility for its business units to design their operations and expand their products and services by constantly transforming the company from being the country’s leading telecommunications company to a dynamic and customer-centric multi-media organization.”

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