Bring me down! Customs stops operations due to PLDT’s incompetence

Even the Bureau of Customs was not spared from PLDT’ s chronic downtime.

The government agency was left red-faced and had to announce on its social media channels that operations have been hampered due to an internet disconnection from its internet provider, PLDT.

Authorities were big on digitizing Customs processes to speed up services and eliminate corruption, but it apparently didn’t take into consideration PLDT’s sheer incompetence.

“Rest assured, we are working with PLDT in order for the Bureau to be online as soon as possible. Our apologies for the inconvenience caused,” the bureau said in its notice.[0]=AZWbs7-dWs7lYszKgkdwTnv8Et8D3TOaH0PuzpvyJ19HL9X3m0yjOD2jZ8_QpOmqvuA7FLocHTb2TJST70qiwzMPUW65yo3-0BX3tIMbc2v-PzAtEYUWal6ksCJWwS4X3bH5Z_jP-_fTJOcUW789O26P&__tn__=p%2CP-R#code-generator

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