Napuno na! Comelec spox fumes over PLDT’s spotty wifi, stinking service

This sheer ineptitude has to stop.

This sheer ineptitude has to stop.

Commission on Elections Spokesperson James Jimenez is already having a hard time fulfilling his role after being forced to work at home by the pandemic.

Jimenez’s work has been made even more difficult enough by PLDT’s horrible internet connection and atrocious customer service.

The Comelec official has had enough and ranted against PLDT on Twitter.

“I understand outages are probably unavoidable. They will happen from time to time. But is it too much to ask for the service providers to move a little quicker in restoring connections? To be more responsive? To improve service in general?,” Jimenez said in a series of tweets.

“When internet connection goes, productivity plummets,” he added, lamenting how troublesome this was for him. Mobile data ain’t an option too because it’s just too costly, he added.

His last tweet was early Wednesday afternoon. Will he ever hear back from PLDT?

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