Jollibee’s Chicken Joy crowned Best Fried Chicken in Brunei

Fastfood giant Jollibee Foods Corp.’s Chicken Joy took home the award for “Best Fried Chicken” at the maiden edition of the Brunei Food Awards (BFA).

Jollibee ” bested several local restaurants and international fast-food chains that entered their own fried chicken dishes for the competition which was judged by an elite group based on appearance taste and execution.

“The recognition of Jollibee’s Chicken Joy as the best fried chicken in Brunei is a testament to Jollibee’s mainstream presence in the food culture of Brunei, as well as the global reach and influence of one of the Philippines’ top conglomerates,” Ambassador Christopher B. Montero said.

“Local Bruneians, both the old and current generations, patronize its value meals in the same way that ordinary Filipinos do,” he noted.

Jollibee currently has 18 stores in Brunei, serving halal-certified meals, with 2 more chains in the pipeline for opening.

It is the first Jollibee to open a right-hand drive-through store, and first drive-through store outside of the Philippines.

A total of 336 restaurants and eateries throughout all the four districts of Brunei submitted more than 800 of their best dishes for the BFA2020 from October to November.

BFA2020 is a new initiative to promote and invigorate the growth of the local Brunei food and beverage industry. It is the first food award that formally recognizes and awards the best dishes of both local and international cuisines in the country.

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