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No expenses spared: Diokno blows P20M on TV studio that could rival ABS-CBN’s

The Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) continues to pour money into improving its image—this time, by having a state of the art broadcast studio.

Business columnist Vic Agustin revealed that BSP Governor Ben Diokno has approved a P20-million budget to renovate one of the rooms at BSP’s Quezon City headquarters into a “mini ABS-CBN.”

The studio will reportedly have studio-quality cameras, microphones, LED lights, video-and-sound editing equipment, and graphics-intensive computers.

Floor-mount TVs as well as a standby generator will also be installed as Diokno takes virtual press conferences seriously.

Agustin said a “key executive” known within BSP as “Henerala Luna” will oversee the broadcast studio’s operations to make sure the pricey equipment don’t gather dust.

As part of developing a multi-pronged media strategy, Diokno also approved the hiring of a branding consultant for P4.2 million, as well as a P3.9-million advisory fee for a social media consultant.

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