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Cannot be reached: UP blames PLDT-MVP as trunkline goes bust

PLDT’s incompetence spares no one— even the country’s premiere state university.

The University of the Philippines Diliman had to make a public advisory to explain why its flagship campus in Quezon City seemed to be ignoring the calls of Iskos and Iskas.

UP Diliman said its trunkline can’t be reached because it has not yet been repaired by PLDT.

“This is to inform the public that UP Diliman’s trunkline (02) 8981-8500 is still unavailable and awaiting repair by PLDT. In the meantime, please direct your queries to the respective office email addresses and direct landlines,” the state university said in a tweet, appealing for understanding among its stakeholders.

Just a month ago, the Bureau of Customs suffered a major setback in its operations after PLDT’s faulty internet service disrupted its automated processes.

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