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Sumbungan ng bayan! Rex Gatchalian fumes again over MVP-PLDT’s failed service

Valenzuela Mayor Rex Gatchalian took to social media to air his frustration after unwittingly becoming the “errands boy” of residents dismayed by PLDT’s dismal service.

Gatchalian slammed the Manny V. Pangilinan-owned telco for allegedly ignoring the complaints lodged by residents.

“I’m turning into your errands boy… people are lodging their complaints and concerns on my twitter account because you guys refuse to act on your clients’ concerns,” the politiko said on Twitter, tagging PLDT’s official account. “I don’t work for you!!! Your boss doesn’t pay for my salary!!!”

It’s just been a month since the Gatchalian-MVP standoff over the mess at NLEX Corporation.

The politiko then issued a fresh threat. “Sige lang, push me some more. Let’s see what happens. Sobrang daming complaints vs PLDT and Converge,” he added.

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