BPI offers financial products, assistance to hog raisers amid ASF

As the African Swine Fever continues to persist in Luzon, the Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) is looking to take advantage of the situation by offering funding assistance to hog raisers.

In a statement, BPI said it now offers financial products and technical assistance that will help hog raisers, especially those who own big herds, in boosting their biosecurity protocols to avoid and control ASF and other animal diseases.

According to BPI, there’s a need for hog raisers to improve their risk management standards and sustainability consciousness and to push for a stricter biosecurity program.

Experts warn that up to 750,000 sows could be affected if ASF continues to spread across the country, causing a supply shortfall and price hike, said Vino Borromeo, general manager of Pig Improvement Company (PIC) Philippines.

BPI head of Agribusiness Jun Ruba said that “until proper biosecurity discipline is implemented, it will be really tough to repopulate and ensure that you don’t get hit again.”

But with the limited funding and resources for an effective control program and lack of incentives for voluntary reporting, Ruba said the help of different organizations could aid in solving the problem.

“We’re all hoping that we can put more controls through the combined efforts of different agencies and members of the industry who can help find the solution,” he added.

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