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‘Di daw alam na may party! City Garden hotel denies allowing Dacera’s staycation

The Makati hotel where flight attendant Christine Dacera was found lifeless on New Year’s Day denied any knowledge that she and 11 other people partied together that night inside building premises.

In a four-page response to the show cause order issued by DOT, the hotel’s management explained that Dacera and nine to 10 people who partied with her “were interspersed across three different rooms.”

“Of the group, 3 persons were accepted by the hotel as registered guests, who booked their rooms separately,” it said.

City Garden then revealed that apart from rooms 2209 and 2207, a friend of Dacera booked another room at a lower floor.

The hotel said it didn’t find the bookings suspicious since the persons who reserved them used corporate accounts–– meaning they were allowed to stay at the hotel for work quarantine and lodging purposes, not to party.

“We also respectfully deny the charge that the hotel has allowed social events to take place within its premises, in violation of relevant DOT and IATF guidelines,” general manager Richard Reazon said in the letter.

Reazon said Dacera and her friends held a party without the hotel management’s knowledge.

“None of the guests’ visitors was made known to our front office manager at any time throughout the day. These visitors could only have gained access to the guest floors with the aid of the registered guests, in violation of hotel policies prohibiting such gatherings,” he said.

“It was only the following day (January 1st, approximately 12 nn) when we received a health and safety incident that we came to know that more than one person may have occupied the rooms in question,” Reazon added.

The hotel manager said that while they will be reviewing their protocols following Dacera’s death, the management “has not been remiss in its duties and obligations.”

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