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P270M deposits, Greenhills branch manager vanish: Gotianuns’ EastWest Bank vows to return money stolen from depositors as internal probe starts

PCC OKs EastWest Bank's acqusition of PBCom auto loans

EastWest Bank has assured the return of the money allegedly stolen by one of its branch managers from two depositors as rumors swirl online about what happened to the compromised accounts.

The Gotianun-owned bank said it has launched an investigation into the matter.

“We have been in touch with the two affected depositors. They have been informed that an internal investigation is ongoing and that we will credit back to their account the amount taken,” the listed lender said in a statement.

The bank said the amount lost from the two depositors’ bank accounts were “not significant,” although there’s buzz that it runs to hundreds of millions of pesos.

EastWest assured that the disappearance of its two depositors’ money was an isolated Incident and will not happen again.

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