Cebu Pacific turns to cargo for survival

Amid a dearth of passengers willing to fly during the pandemic, Cebu Pacific is turning its focus to cargo to weather the financial storm.

Air cargo has become one of the few bright spots in the airline sector amid the Covid-19 outbreak which has dramatically reduced the demand for commercial air travel.

“We saw this pandemic as an opportunity to recalibrate our business and optimize operations to address the needs of our customers. There is a growing demand for cargo to and from the Philippines and our fleet of dedicated cargo aircraft allows us to address this while doing so in a more efficient manner,” said Alex Reyes, president and CEO of Cebgo.

Cebu Cargo provides competitive, fast, flexible, and straightforward air cargo services to individual shippers and cargo agents locally and overseas.

Using Cebu Pacific’s modern aircraft fleet, CEB Cargo provides efficient and seamless inter-island connections via its major hubs: Manila, Cagayan de Oro, Cebu, Clark, Davao, Iloilo and Kalibo. For overseas requirements, it has interline partners for cargo to and from Europe, Africa, and the Americas.

To date, Cebu Pacific has carried over 70,890 tonnes of goods to and from domestic and international cargo destinations since the pandemic broke out in March 2020. Hong Kong, Dubai, Japan, Thailand, Shanghai and Guangzhou are among the carrier’s top destinations for cargo operations, with semiconductors, automotive parts, aquaculture products, medical goods, fruits and flowers among the top commodities being flown in.

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