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Lapu-Lapu’s got love! Find out what netizens are saying about P5,000 bill

Netizens have mixed reactions about the P5,000 bill released by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas to honor Lapu-Lapu, touted as the first Filipino hero.

The brown bill showed an artist’s rendition of the hero of Mactan on its face. Its back featured images of Mount Apo and Philippine Eagle.

Following the banknote’s unveiling on Monday (January 18), some netizens asked BSP to make the bill available for general circulation.

Meanwhile, a number of netizens took the bill’s high valuation as a sign that the peso’s value has weakened.

BSP officer in charge Francisco Dakila Jr. earlier said the banknote and corresponding medal were released not just to celebrate Lapu-Lapu’s heroism, but also to “familiarize the present generation with the country’s rich precolonial history.”

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