Rajo Laurel flexes his amazing lechon kawali

The renowned designer seems to have mad skills in cooking.

We can’t help but salivate over Rajo Laurel’s droolworthy pork dish with the cheeky name: Pampabatang Lechon Kawali.

Lucky for us, @rajolaurel even shared the intricate process how he got this lovely porcine meal.

“Sharing the recipe here: ❤️ PAMBABATANG LECHON KAWALI
serves 6

2 kg Pork belly keep the skin
whole pepper corns
4 bay leaves
1/4 cup fish sauce/optional or 1/4 cup salt
water for brining
lard or cooking oil


It’s simple 5 step process;
1. Brining- Brine the pork overnight- In a pot. put the pork, fish sauce, pepper corns and bay leaves in water, salt or fish sauce and water enough to cover the pork. leave alone for 24 hours
2. Boiling- in the same liquid bing to a boil and lower the heat once in a rolling boil, lower heat and boil for an hour. cool and remove from liquid.
3. Dry- cover the pork in a kitchen towel and “dry: meaning leave in the fridge for another 15 hours
4. Freeze- Freeze the pork for 5 hours. This congeals the fat and makes it less oily.
5. Fry- Heat oil or lard. it has to be very very hot once hot slowly slide in the pork and watch it closely until it gets golden

pat excess oil. Chop into serving pieces.

Serve with either;

Soy sauce and kalamsi
vinegar with chilies and garlic
Mang Tomas sauce .”

This looks absolutely scrumptious! Thank you for sharing, Sir Rajo!

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