Ed Saavedra warns of monopoly if SMC picked to redevelop NAIA

Megawide Construction Corp. has warned of possible monopoly issues if the government taps San Miguel Corp., the proponent of the P740 billion gateway in Bulacan, to rehabilitate the aging Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA).

“We need healthy competition. From our point of view, if you will be the operator of Bulacan (airport) and you will operate the NAIA, don’t you think that will create a conflict of interest concern, ” Megawide chairman and CEO Edgar Saavedra said during the Management Association of the Philippines webinar.

“That’s why we think there should be competition because the more players and airports you have, the better for the government ,” he added.

SMC is one of the two corporations that submitted a proposal to operate and upgrade the NAIA.

Its proposed 10-year concession was designed to give the government a freer hand on what to do with NAIA, once the Bulacan Airport is completed and operational.

Saavedra, meanwhile, said Megawide has yet to receive a formal communication from the Manila International Airport Authority (MIAA) on the status of its appeal to redevelop the NAIA.

“We are just waiting, whatever the decision of the government we will respect it. But, we haven’t received any letter yet,” he said.

Saavedra maintained that the consortium of Megawide and India’s GMR has the track record to rehabilitate and operate NAIA.

“We have the capacity, we know how to run it and expand it. From the current management that we have, we can say that we are the only one who have the track record right now,” he said.

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