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BDO SVPs unload P4M shares

Three top executives of BDO Unibank lightened their stockholdings in the country’s largest bank.

Senior vice president Robert W. Sy sold 10,000 BDO shares at P112 each on January 14. The branch banking group head for Region 2 still has P10 million worth of BDO shares under his name.

SVP Maria Rhoda B. Orsolino unloaded 20,000 shares at P112 on January 15.

The institutional banking head for Luzon has P2.864 million worth of shares left.

SVP Edna R. Tarroza sold 4,000 shares at a price range of P122 to P113 on the same day as Orsolino.

Her remaining BDO stocks are worth P6.161 million.

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