Premiere Horizon sees greener pastures in agritech

Premiere Horizon Alliance Corp. is delving into the world of agriculture technology to leverage on the fintech expertise of its new management, Squidpay Technology Inc.

In a dislcosure to the stock exchange, PHA said it would be pursuing opportunities in the agritech industry through subsidiary PH Agriforest Inc. to help stakeholders step up their game with technological innovations and ingenious new agricultural methods.

” Instead of traditional agriculture practices, PHA will utilize proven agritech methodologies that focus on comprehensive data collection, analytics and models, and other technological innovations which seek to achieve faster planting, better harvest, lower production cost and optimized market acceptance of products,” PHA said.

PHA’s entry into the agritech sector is in line with its vision of countryside development through pioneering technologies and innovative business models.

PH AgriForest’s proposed projects are envisioned to involve large tracts of land initially focused on food production, rubber and bamboo plantation.

The company will also embark on organic fertilizer production that will promote sustainable farming in conjunction with the various programs of the Department of Agriculture.

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