Grace Barbers Baja shows what it’s like to visit Hong Kong right now

The social media influencer talked about the tedious processes her family had to go through in order to travel.

Grace Barbers Baja shared how Hong Kong is controlling the spread of Covid-19 cases through her family’s own experience: an eight-hour ordeal in the airport.

“As soon as we landed, we were tagged with our personal QR codes, had our PCR swab tests again (though we had one prior to departure), waited for our results for 6 hours, and finally sent to the bus to bring us to our #quarantinehotel. All these were done in great order and in a very systematic way.💯 The only hassle was the long waiting time of 6 hours for the results! But now, we face the more challenging part as we start our 3-week long quarantine! Yes, HK law requires 3 weeks in isolation for all arriving passengers (only or those with working visas; no tourist visas are allowed at this time) — and not just 14-day quarantine as is the norm with the rest of the world 🌍”@thespoiledmummy said.

So that’s the new normal for international travel in the Covid-19 era.

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