Swab test as shield? Tim Yap throws big party in Baguio

The surge of COVID-19 cases in the Cordillera Administrative Region (CAR) didn’t stop socialite Tim Yap from traveling to Baguio to throw a birthday bash.

Photos circulating on social media showed Yap and his well-heeled friends enjoying a mask-less celebration at The Manor events place inside Camp John Hay. Among the guests present at the party was KC Concepcion.

Kunsintidor! Baguio mayor defends Tim Yap’s party, says wife also guilty of breaking protocol

Determined to wow his guests, Yap arrived at the venue riding a horse and dressed like a cowboy. He was accompanied by at least two men, who were presumably Igorot natives wearing their traditional costume.

Yap’s friends defended the absence of social distancing and masks at the party by saying they were all swabbed for COVID-19 before attending.

Of course, the internet did not take it lightly.

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