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‘Til we fly again: PAL employees grateful to Kapitan Lucio Tan despite mass layoff

Faced with the fallout of a pandemic that devastated the industry in which they have worked for so many years, crew members of Philippine Airlines (PAL) took to social media to post an emotional sign-off after the flag carrier announced it would lay off 2,300 of its workforce starting this month.

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Some flight attendants shared a photo of themselves in their PAL uniform to say their bittersweet goodbye to a job they loved dearly.

Most of them expressed their gratitude to the Lucio Tan-led airline for the memorable experience and opportunities.

While it may take years to get the aviation industry back to normal, they are hopeful they can fly friendly skies again soon.

PAL president Gibert Santa Maria said the layoffs were part of the company’s survival plan to cut costs amid the pandemic.

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