Di lang pang-shopping, pang-stocks pa! GCash users can soon buy blue chip stocks from app

GCash is going beyond being a mere mobile wallet to becoming a platform and payment channel for users looking to access a wide range of financial products and services.

Martha Sazon, GCash president and CEO, recently announced that users of the mobile app would soon be able to invest in blue chip stocks in the Philippines and overseas.

“Friends, here’s an exciting news from GCash! Watch out, our NEW FUNDS on GInvest will be out this FEB!!!. With just a few taps, GInvest allows you to place in these funds/companies for as low as P50 for PH instruments and P1,000 for global funds!,” she said.

Sazon said returns could even go as high as 78%.

Among the global companies that GCash users can invest in are Apple, Microsoft, Samsung, Alphabet/Google, Amazon, Alibaba and Nintendo.

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