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Burglars’ dream: Lack of CCTV cameras at Ayala Land’s Amaia condo exposed after bizwoman’s unit gets robbed

A businesswoman plans to sue the Ayala Land-owned condominium developer, Amaia Land, after her unit was burglarized.

Access Travel chief executive officer Angely Dub fumed on social media over the absence of closed circuit television (CCTV) cameras at the Amaia Skies condominium in Cubao, which she said made it easy for robbers to break into her unit.

“Please read very carefully because my place just got robbed on 35th floor of Amaia Skies Cubao and they don’t have no single footage of what happened because apparently they have no budget for CCTV for our hallways according to them when the police asked them for it and if they had it I wouldn’t be doing this post- case solved,” she said.

In a series of Instagram stories, Dub shared photos of how robbers trashed her unit. The businesswoman’s personal belongings and Philippine residency card were stolen by thieves, though her passports were untouched.

Dub believes the robbery was an inside job—with condominium employees as accomplices—since four other units on her floor had been broken into in recent weeks. She slammed the developer for scrimping on security by not putting up as many CCTV cameras as necessary inside the building.

“A big residential establishment like this without CCTV cameras? Really. Shame on all of you! I will sue all of you and make sure you pay every one of us who lost our hard earned money because all of you are useless at what you do,” she said.

“Take note up to now no single call from the admin! You pay 3-6M to these greedy people to possibly get murdered and no one can save you because they might be part of it anyway,” Dub added.

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