DA endorses ICTSI Subic as discharge port for livestock, raw materials

Subic Bay International Terminal Corp. (SBITC) got a big boost after it was endorsed by the Department of Agriculture as a discharge port for containers of imported livestock and raw materials.

The endorsement reflects SBITC’s world-class quality of service and role in ensuring unimpeded trade for the livestock and feed milling industries.

It is also seen as an encouragement for importers to use the Subic container port to help make feeds more readily available and affordable to farmers, leading to potentially lower market prices of meat products in the greater Manila area and nearby provinces.

“Aware of delays in transporting cargo to Luzon during peak seasons, high-traffic months, and unpredictable weather. DA said SBITC’s strategic location, world-class infrastructure, and efficient brand of service are exactly what the industry needs to ensure supply delivery continuity.

In the case of animal feed importation, container ports like SBITC offer faster and more reliable operation as containerization eliminates weather-related delays that affect the handling of break bulk cargo, according to the DA.

This gives agribusiness decision-makers added flexibility in balancing cost vs. efficiency.

“SBITC is a strategic hub connecting the greater Manila and Central Luzon, the center of the country’s agriculture trade. Compared to other ports, we offer lower port fees and up to 10 days of free storage for our partners. This helps businesses and suppliers arrange for transport and delivery to their intended destination without the burden of extra cost, making us the ideal port of choice,” said Roberto Locsin, SBITC general manager.

The port’s strategic location and connectivity to Central Luzon and the greater Manila area offer the livestock and feed milling industries more flexibility and efficiency.

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