Happy Ongpauco’s picture perfect moment

The wife of Pure Energy CEO Dexter Tiu shares her exasperating ordeal whenever she wants a simple complete family picture.

Being a mom of three boys isn’t easy and with her camera-shy hubby leading the way in shunning cameras, Happy Ongpauco Tiu definitely has a lot of exasperating moments before a photo is taken.

She has one angel in the form of her eldest son, Franchesco though who is sweet enough to stay with his mom when all the other boys have escaped.

“Even if they are not camera ready – I’m just happy to get hold of my boys for one sort of decent photo ( pls excuse the nose picking of the lil’one 😂)❤️❤️❤️” @happyongpauco_tiu said.

Boys will be boys! The struggle is real but the amount of joy together is incomparable, right Happy?

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