Berna Romulo-Puyat bikes around newly reopened Intramuros

Tourism Secretary Berna Romulo-Puyat is pulling off some old tricks.

She may not have biked for the longest time but she never forgot how.

Last week, she toured Intramuros, Manila via a Bambike available in the Walled City. Since she wasn’t feeling that confident, she chose a kiddie one to go around Intramuros.

“It’s a fun and perfectly safe way to cover more ground around the Walled City while picking up historical tidbits from the very informed bike guides. I enjoyed it so much! If you can’t bike, you can always take the very stylish bamboo sidecar,” she said of the experience.

She also recommended visiting Baluarte de San Diego, Casa Manila Museum, and Fort Santiago which recently re-opened to visitors.

“As the 2020 World’s Top Tourist Attraction by the World Travel Awards, Intramuros is fitting for these times: open air, wide spaces, rich culture and history, and a great place for some exercise,” Puyat wrote.

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