Jam Acuzar believes art can offer a framework for social change

Art has always been more than just aesthetics for Jam Acuzar.

On her Instagram stories, the Bellas Artes Projects (BAP) founder shared a post by Creative Time that recently struck her. It poses the question, “How can art serve the needs of people within an embattled community?”

It goes on talking about Houston’s 25-year-old Project Row Houses, an initiative that believes art and its community can be the foundation for revitalizing neighborhoods.

The project is located in Houston’s Northern Third Ward, an African-American neighborhood troubled by unemployment, teenage pregnancy, drug trafficking, and decaying structures.

Project Row Houses responded to this plague by focusing on programs for neighborhood revitalization, community service and education. All these could serve as “an example of how art can offer a framework for social change,” according to Creative Time.

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