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Better than beef! Fil-Am restaurateur Nicole Ponseca brings Century Pacific’s meat-free patties to New York

New Yorkers will soon get to sink their teeth into meat-free burgers from the Philippines.

Filipino-American Nicole Ponseca said she will be serving the unMeat plant-based patties from Century Pacific Foods at the Jeepney Gastropub in New York, which she owns.

“I love that the plant-based category has gone mainstream recently, changing perception and behavior,” said Ponseca, who once won the New York Battle of the Burger.

“We have seen some incredible flavor profiles enter the market and completely disrupt it, and I think unMEAT is only going to further that disruption,” she added.

The Po-owned company takes pride in the juiciness and texture of the unMeat patties, which are made from soy protein, vegetable oil, onion, wheat, salt, vinegar, and soy sauce.

The plant-based patties are also healthier than the meat equivalent since it has zero cholesterol, no transfats and genetically modified ingredients.

Century Pacific vows to bring more vegan options to the table for 2021 and beyond as more people adopt vegetarian and the so called flexitarian lifestyles.

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