NEA urges ECs to cooperate with Transco

State-run National Electrification Administration (NEA) is urging urged electric cooperatives (ECs) serving the off-grid areas to cooperate with National Transmission Corporation (TransCo) as the new off-grid system operator.

ECs should ensure the smooth transition of their system operator functions to TransCo, the NEA said.

This, after the Department of Energy (DOE) mandated TransCo to “serve as an off-grid system operator to any small grid or off-grid power system with more than one source of power supply.”

The franchised distribution utility in other off-grid areas not covered by the memo – meaning those with only one power supplier – is still authorized to perform as off-grid system operator subject to existing rules and regulations.

Masongsong said power co-ops that are operating under these conditions to keep proving their competence in the maintenance and management of independent grids if they want to continue serving as the default system operators.

“The ECs need to defend their position with the assurance of ensuring power reliability, power quality and system efficiency in their respective franchise areas, especially in the islands or a group of islands with more than one electric cooperative,” the NEA chief said.

The NEA, which supervises 121 electric co-ops nationwide, is responsible for providing technical assistance, financial and management support to enhance the operations of the electric distribution system in the off-grid areas.

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