Lapid expects 10,000 jobs from new tourism enterprise zones

Newly-designated Tourism Enterprise Zones (TEZs) are expected to generate over 10,000 jobs and perk up tourism.

These include the P2 billion La Jolla TEZ in Bagac, Bataan, the Boracay Gateway Project TEZ in Nabas, Aklan and the Neo Aqua Town Center in Bulakan, Bulacan.

La Jolla TEZ, which aims to promote sustainable tourism development through environmental conservation, cultural preservation, and inclusive growth, will generate at least 880 jobs and spur tourism activity in Bataan.

Meanwhile, the Boracay Gateway Project TEZ, led by La Belle Plume Realty, is expected to create an estimated 5,247 diverse jobs and livelihood. It is envisioned to attract and capture the anticipated influx of local and foreign tourists in the region and support the socio economic development in the host municipality by promoting entrepreneurship and business opportunities involving the communities through inclusive business models.

The Neo Aqua Town Center TEZ, on the other hand, is expected to generate 3,977 direct and indirect jobs. It is master planned as an integrated tourism complex which entails the development of agri-tourism commercial zone, residential zone, convention center, luxury hotel, orchard and wellness zone.

TIEZA chief operating officer Mark Lapid said the TEZs seek to “generate greater economic benefits for local people and enhance the well-being of host communities, improve working conditions and access to the industry.”

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