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Crisis PR in good taste: The Aristocrat apologizes, replaces customer’s food after finding dead insect

The Aristocrat restaurant has earned plaudits from netizens for swiftly resolving a customer’s complaint about a dead insect found in her food.

In a statement, the restaurant described the presence of an insect in the customer’s food as an “unfortunate incident in food handling.” The customer complained on March 1 while dining at The Aristocrat’s branch along Roxas Boulevard, Pasay City.

The restaurant management said the incident was immediately raised to the branch manager and an investigation was conducted. The customer’s food was also replaced.

“While this does not change the regrettable experience that our customer had, words cannot express how sorry Aristocrat restaurant is for what happened,” The Aristocrat said.

The restaurant said it is taking the matter seriously and will be imposing changes to the way food is prepared and served.

“We are currently conducting an internal audit and plan on additional training for our staff to ensure that incidents like this are avoided in the future,” The Aristocrat added.

The honest response was lauded online, with netizens seeing it as the gold standard in crisis management.

“Aristocrat brings a lot of childhood memories for me everytime I eat there. I don’t think this isolated incident will hamper the legacy of this restaurant in the hearts of the Filipinos,” a netizen said. “Kudos to management for showing transparency and accountability for the situation.”

“Even in our own kitchens at home, insects are inevitable. Don’t worry Aristocrat, we are behind you all the way! It’s nice that this incident was acknowledged by management and that you’re doing something about it. Thank you for making the effort to upgrade your protocols to make everything safer for all of us,” another online comment read.

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