Jessica Sy remembers the life her sister Jan lived

In light of her sister Jan’s passing last March 18, Jessica Bianca Sy shared a heartbreaking yet beautiful tribute on Facebook.

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Jessica recalled how her sister would always make her laugh through the worst times. She just knows that Jan would want her to be smiling right now.

Although difficult, she managed to put into words their memories growing up together. They were so different that Jan even told Jessica she thinks they won’t be friends if they weren’t sisters. Recently though, Jan told Jessica that what matters is that they are friends now.

“You made me a better person through your constant challenging of my ideas, pushing me to reach outside my comfort zone, your competitive nature and the pressure you put on me. But you always did it so lovingly and gently, that you made me want to be better,” Jessica wrote.

“Jan, my heart is so broken and I feel so much grief not having your light in my life right now. I know you would push me to be better, to live life as you did, full of adventure, kindness and love for others. To share God’s love with others and live a life of righteousness and goodness like you,” Jessica said.

Though at her worst condition, Jessica managed to promise Jan that she would take care of the family and was looking forward to the time they would all be together again.

“I am so blessed to have been able to experience your life, your joy, laughs, kindness, compassion, stories, generosity, humour and your love. I am so privileged to have been able to call you my sister,” Jessica wrote before uttering her I love you.

Jan Catherine Sy was 29 years old when she passed away last March 18.

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