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Eat the rich! Netizens blast Bobby Ongpin over Balesin’s offer to escape NCR+ bubble

Netizens are outraged at the package offered by Bobby Ongpin’s Balesin resort so well-heeled members and guests can go on vacation despite travel restrictions in the “National Capital Region Plus” bubble that includes Quezon.

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Under Balesin’s “Anti-COVID Immunity Treatment Program,” members can fly to the exclusive island for “medical purposes” in the guise of getting services that will supposedly boost their immune system.

For P16,000, a guest will receive a set of vitamins, IV immune treatment dip, hyperbaric oxygen treatment and a dip in the so called “thalassotherapy” pools. He or she will also be driven from The City Club in Makati to Clark, Pampanga, where a plane to Balesin will be waiting.

“We can all agree that there is no 100% and foolproof anti-COVID regimen anywhere in the world. But what we can say, without fear of contradiction, is that the most effective anti-COVID immunity treatment is the fresh, pure sea air of Balesin!” Ongpin told the club’s members and guests in a letter.

Netizens, however, slammed the double standard for wealthy Filipinos who can pay their way out of the travel restrictions.

“As a member of the tourism industry, I am appalled at this. We should do all our parts to help in getting this pandemic under control. We cannot assume a ‘business as usual’ approach at this time. It is only for two weeks that we have been asked to defer nonessential travel,” tweeted @jclem3.

“Rich people have always had the audacity to bitch about working class people spreading the virus because they go out to work, yet here they are finding a way to flout quarantine protocols for vacation. Ini-nail cutter ko mga mukha ninyo,” Twitter user @m_4_r_c_h said.

“The most effective anti-COVID immunity treatment is the fresh, pure sea air of Balesin’ HOW INSULTING,” tweeted @mehhrodillo.

“Rich people are truly, truly disgusting, yet the blame is thrown at minimum wage workers who have no choice but to go out and work to try and make ends meet in the middle of a pandemic,” said Twitter user @elpeeabias.

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