Rica Lopez De Jesus shares prized Caesar salad dressing recipe

The lifestyle blogger and daughter of Rustan’s Menchu Tantoco Lopez is devastated that Manang Flor, their househelp of 25 years is retiring.

Rica Lopez De Jesus is relieved however that Manang Flor is willing to share their family’s fave Caesar salad dressing even to her IG followers.

“I’m so sad 😩 I wish I could learn all the recipes from her – she is such a wonderful cook i don’t know how our stomachs will be without her 😩 a gem 💎 I asked her to make caesar salad dressing for us because we have an abundance of lettuce 🥬 from farmers friends 😍 Sharing this recipe which is so so yummy! Add as much parmesan cheese or anchovies as you like!! So quick and easy – the secret is in the mixing – don’t stop!” @heart2heartonline said.

We bet Manang Flor will also miss your family! #

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