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Hey survivor: MVP in reflective mood after getting confined in Makati Med 4 times in 4 months for heart problem, knee injury, COVID

“I’m back at the office. Feels good to get my life back.”

This was the cryptic tweet of bilyonaryo Manny V. Pangilinan, a day after Easter Sunday amid rumors of serious health problems.

A Babbler explained that Pangilinan went through a hellish period in the last four months which the point man of Indonesian billionaire Anthoni Salim confirmed in a heartfelt letter on Easter Sunday.

“I write to you this time from my room at Makati Medical Center, a victim of COVID twice over. This year has been particularly harrowing for me health-wise. My current confinement is the fourth in as many months – the first four cardiac stents, the second for an injured left knee, and the last two fo COVID,” said Pangilinan in the message addressed to his co-workers at PLDT and Smart.

“But as the song goes, ‘I’m still standing…looking like a true survivor.’ There must be a message there somewhere,” the 74-year old executive said.

Pangilinan rallied his troops not to let the “pain and suffering” during the pandemic bring them to despair.

“We must rise to the challenge not with a commonplace response, but with our unique style of activism. We must get out of our foxholes, put our game faces on, get our feet pounding the streets-keeping the lights on and the water flowing, connecting people everywhere, opening travel arteries to transport food and medicine, caring for the sick,” Pangilinan said.

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