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Orders delayed? Joey Concepcion gets AstraZeneca jab…from government

It seems Presidential Adviser on Entrepreneurship Joey Concepcion can no longer wait for the arrival of the AstraZeneca vaccines procured by the private sector, which are expected to arrive in June this year.

Concepcion, who qualifies under the A3 or persons with comorbidity category most at risk of complications from the coronavirus, got vaccinated against COVID-19 on Tuesday, April 13, in Pasig City.

The AstraZeneca vaccine that Concepcion received, however, was from the government.

Incidentally, AstraZeneca is also the private sector’s vaccine of choice, having ordered over 16 million doses. However, the first batch of 2.6 million vials will arrive only by June 2021.

He’s setting an example for Filipinos to get vaccinated, but patience will have to be a virtue learned by many as supplies remain scarce.

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