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The fast and the spurious: RSA dares Ferrari Skyway speedsters to a race with his ‘simple car’

Bilyonaryo Ramos S. Ang is fed up with blowhards who use the Skyway to show off their Ferraris even at the risk of endangering other people.

Ang has challenged these speed maniacs to test their driving skills in a race track rather than an urban speedway.

In a short video posted by of his recent interview with journalists, Ang said: “Alam mo may mga taong gustong mag-speeding sa Skyway…Nilalagay sa Youtube…Naglagay ng camera, tapos pinapakita yung speed nila na 300 kilometers per hour. Alam mo, ‘di nila naiintindihan, hindi naman tayo madamot na ayaw natin silang magpatakbong sobrang bilis.”

Ang said there’s a reason why San Miguel didn’t put concrete barriers in the Skyway – it needs to be flexible for zipper lanes or counterflow depending on where the traffic rush is going.

“This people don’t respect that, they want to show off that their Ferraris are so fast and show it off to everybody,” said an exasperated Ang.

“Ang sabi ko nga sa kanila, if you are really fast, let me know. I will go with you to Clark, I will bring a simple car and compete with them… I’ll bring my TVR Griffith,” said the exotic car connoisseur and race car driver.

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