Bianca Elizalde-Araneta describes her quiet life offline

Bianca Elizalde-Araneta just described what a perfect summer looks like.

On her most recent Instagram post, she confessed that she has always preferred the “unstyled life, lived offline.” And lately, she has been living it and couldn’t be more thankful.

“And now I’m here to watch days repeat itself….boat rides, paddle boarding, snorkeling, island hopping, cave hunting….all the components that make up our summer playlist. Excitement comes to me in the form of sharks swimming passed us as we snorkel through the reef, watching my kids jump off cliffs on an island, outdoor movie nights by a fire, and the daily spectacle the sunset brings. Simple joys really. Nature has always been my favorite distraction from the turmoil and worries of the real world. And I’ve never needed this brand of therapy more than I do now,” Bianca described her days.

She promised her followers that she’d be sharing the memories through photos and videos on her Instagram stories.

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